Basic Manners


Basic manners are what everyone expects of your dog. A dog that jumps up, or snatches food from your hand, or licks a child’s face can be embarrassing and potentially dangerous. So let’s look at how we can give our dog the basics.


Give every guest a bag of training treats so that your puppy will be inclined to like them from the outset. Show your guests how you use your puppy’s dinner kibble to lure/reward train them to come, sit, lie down, and roll over. Ask your puppy to come. Praise them profusely as they approach and give them a piece of kibble when they arrive. Back up and do it again. Repeat the sequence several times.


Dog Sitting

Each time the puppy approaches, have them sit. Say, “Puppy, Sit,” and slowly move a piece of kibble upwards, from in front of their nose to between their eyes. As the puppy raises their nose to sniff the kibble, they will lower their rear end and sit. If the puppy jumps up, you’re holding the food too high.

Repeat the procedure with the food closer to the pup’s muzzle. When your puppy sits, say, “Good dog,” and give them the kibble.

Lie Down

Now have the puppy come, sit, and lie down. Once the pup sits, say, “Puppy, Down,” and lower a piece of kibble from just in front of their nose to between his front paws. As the puppy lowers their head to follow the food, they will usually lie down. Don’t worry if your puppy stands instead; just keep the kibble hidden under the palm of your hand until they lie down. As soon as they do so, say, “Good dog,” and give them the food.

Roll Over

Now teach your guests how to train your pup to roll over. Once the pup is lying down, say, “Puppy, Roll over,” and move the kibble from in front of their nose to their shoulder blade and slowly over his backbone. Once the puppy rolls over onto his back, say, “Good dog,” and give them the kibble.

Repeat the come here, sit, down, and roll over sequence until the puppy responds reliably, and then help each guest practice these manoeuvres until each one can get the puppy to come, sit, lie down, and roll over three times in succession for a single piece of kibble.