At Sniff & Tickle, we aim to provide you with all the information you need to love and care for your new dog.

There are so many products, services, and ways to do or not do things, that it can be overwhelming. So whether it’s a puppy, a rescue dog or you’ve inherited a pooch from someone else, we’ve got you covered. All in bite-size easy to read pieces, yum!

And, if we haven’t written about it yet, reviewed it, or interviewed an expert on the subject, the Sniff & Tickle community of dog owners will be on hand soon to give their experiences and successes.

So come on in, grab a cuppa and let it all soak in.

Who's behind Sniff & Tickle?

In short, Gavin Harper & Karen Brooks!

Karen & I are friends, and our families are very close. So when we decided to bring dogs into our homes, it was fun but not without its share of head-scratching and debate at the pub about our encounters.

Our dog backgrounds were very different. I grew up with dogs but hadn’t owned one for 20 years, while Karen was new and shiny to the whole adventure. However, we realised our experiences over the first year with our latest family members were very similar.

There was a lot to learn, and the advice wasn’t always easy to find or easy to understand. We had both spent a fortune on doggy ‘things’ we didn’t need or didn’t work, and it was frustrating, to say the least.

So one Sunday afternoon Sniff & Tickle was born. The website for new dog owners to learn, interact with others and find what they really need. Hooray!

Gavin xx

Our Shop & Marketplace

Sniff & Tickle is full of handpicked essential products and services we think you and your pup will love.

However, Sniff & Tickle are not the suppliers of these products or services. We affiliate with lots of different companies, including Amazon.

But why I hear you cry?
Let’s face it when it comes to supplying everyday products we can’t compete with the likes of Amazon. We investigated wholesalers, shipping and warehousing and it just didn’t add up.

Any prices you see on our website are regularly refreshed from the supplier, but the final price will be given on the supplier’s checkout page.
If you choose to purchase any of these products, after clicking a link on our website, then we get a small commission at no cost to you.. which we really appreciate and allows us to continue running this site.

Coming soon, the Sniff & Tickle Marketplace will showcase some of the amazingly talented and crafty people in the world and their awesome dog inspired products.

Each Marketplace seller is vetted by us (not a vet!) and their products carefully selected to ensure they’re suitable for our lovely Sniff & Tickle users.

When you purchase a product via the Marketplace, we will carry out the transaction, but the creation and shipping of the product will be done directly by the seller.

Communication with the seller is available at all times via their Marketplace page on the Sniff & Tickle website.